Just our daily craziness

  • Storm: if it's any consolidation I've just stuffed myself with luncheon meat... so in case you still feel like throwing up we can train to be sick in double-sync
  • Kate: let's vomit!

Hi folks, we’re back!
Yesterday’s yarn fun time with Bodie & Storm

  • Bodie: It's so pretty when people are collecting something...
  • Storm: And what are we collecting? Besides bouts of depression and injuries? Oh yes, people we fall madly in love with and can never have.
  • Bodie: And fandom and OTPs.

We must load the pancakes…

—Kate, a guest

Why wouldn’t some handsome actor in fan-service’s sake have his ribcage opened in half?

—Storm (explanation - Storm likes sternum scars)

  • bodie: I think the fanfictions should have a list of content. Like stating "DON'T WORRY THERE WILL BE BLOOD AND KISSING JUST HANG ON WE'LL GET THERE" on the beginning of the first chapter so you don't need to spend another fucking fourteen chapters worrying
  • bodie: I like slow-built fanfictions, but I have only one nerves
  • storm: in fact you have 12 pairs of head nerves and a large number or pheropetal nerves....
  • bodie: and all of them are strained and focused, yes thank you
  • bodie: now kiss

generally making guests feel uncomfortable by making sexual innuendos at each other

since 2013

~Bodie & Storm

  • Storm: ouuuuu...fucking hormones
  • Kate: why???? WHYYYY???? It's not fair!!
  • Storm: because fuck you, that's why... apparently
  • Kate: enormous fuck from Mother nature
  • Storm: ... huge
  • Storm: omg why is it so dark suddently, who turned off the sun?
  • Kate: Mother nature
  • Storm: well the fuck continues
We present you a new Star Trek episode: “A Lap-Top with Legs”

We present you a new Star Trek episode: “A Lap-Top with Legs”

meet Bodie!